Think we're gonna tell you here? You'll have to read on to get info on how to join the 'Daft Club'...

Copies of DAFT PUNK’s new album ‘DISCOVERY’ will give fans access to a special CD-ROM club which will provide exclusive material from the French duo.

A spokesperson for Daft Punk’s label Virgin told NME.COM this morning (January 24) that when fans purchase ‘Discovery’ they should place the record into their CD-ROM drive. They will be eligible to register for the ‘Daft Club’. Over a period of time fans will then receive exclusive Daft Punk content, rumoured to include interview footage and videos.

Virgin Continental Europe president Emmanuel de Burutel told the Hollywood Reporter: “The Daft Club membership card is the solution to the interactive craving of the fanbase and the need for continuous content.”


Simon Scott, who has been working on the project, added: “It will be a continuous content experience with all sorts of digital surprises … This is a first for a rock band. It’s a way to provide genuine added value. Real music fans go to the record store at midnight to buy a new CD when it comes out. This is a way to reward them.”

‘Discovery’ is released in the UK on March 12. Bizarrely, Daft Punk claim original members Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo ‘died’ on September 9, 1999, after their sampler exploded, and ‘Discovery’ is the work of two ‘robots’.

Speaking in the current issue of The Face magazine, the dance stars said their personal low profile was made “partly to instigate and perpetuate the Daft Punk myth” and to “place the importance on the music from the start”.

Bangalter added: “I think that when we turned out to be robots and we realised we could write this funny stuff on our faces, we thought it would be nice and more interesting than our previous faces. It’s true that the music might have been the only thing we wanted to show in the past…it has more and more progressed to a wider spectrum and really something more audio-visual.

“We had this idea of experiences that happen to the robot…the robot made discovery. ‘Discovery’ is about discovering things.”