The video for 'One More Time' is on their new website...

DAFT PUNK have unveiled the video for ‘ONE MORE TIME’ on their new website, four months after the single was released.

The video was directed by the Japanese Manga cartoon director Matsumoto Reishi and is set in an intergalactic nightclub – to watch it, [url=]click here…

Thomas Bangalter also took part in a radio interview for Pete Tong’s ‘Radio 1 Evening Session’ last Friday (February 16). As well as discussing the Daft Club Internet concept, Bangalter responded to accusations that the band have ‘sold out’ on their underground roots.

“I think to us, the word [underground] doesn’t exist any more,” he said. “I think today, the only thing that remains underground is that there is an underground network and there’s a major label copyright system. The music is the same now.

“No one can say that it’s underground now,” he continued. “That’s maybe why people are fazed and are confused, because it’s cool to be a minority and when you start to be mainstream, some people might have a problem with that. We don’t.”

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