Daft Punk rumoured for 2017 world tour as mysterious website appears

Is it time for 'Alive 2017'?

Rumours of a Daft Punk world tour have once again emerged, as a mysterious new website has appeared online.

Speculation first spread last month when Lollapalooza’s website seemed to suggest that they’d be performing at the festival next year – leading others to argue that they’re also likely to headline Glastonbury.

Now, a new website called ‘Alive 2017’ has appeared online. Daft Punk have two live albums called ‘Alive 1997’ and ‘Alive 2007’ named after their two tours, which seem to happen once a decade – adding to the theory that they’ll continue the tradition and tour in 2017.


Not only that, but the website holds the hidden numbers ’23’ ’05’ ’33’ ’22’ – leading to many fan theories about what they might mean. As Genius reports, users on Reddit and tumblr have inspected the page’s source code, to find numbers that appear to be coordinates for the locations of Paris, Los Angeles, London, New York, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Ibiza and Indio.

It also contains the line “WAKE DATE 2016-10-27”, which is exactly one month after the site was created and suggests that there will either be an announcement or new music on 27 October.

The timing would fit with Daft Punk playing live every ten years, with their only previous tours having taken place in 1997 and 2007. There have been persistent rumours in the past two months that they will headline Glastonbury next year, 20 years after their only performance. It was earlier reported that the duo had been ‘approached’ to headline.

Daft Punk played the dance tent in 1997. On their visit to the UK and Ireland in 2007, the duo instead played shows at Wireless, Rockness and Oxegen festivals.

Other acts rumoured to be headlining Glastonbury include The Stone Roses, Radiohead, Ed Sheeran and Lady Gaga.