Daft Punk and Jay Z made a song for the ‘Tron’ soundtrack, but it got spiked for being too real

The French duo did the soundtrack for 2010 film 'Tron: Legacy'

Daft Punk and Jay-Z made a song for the Tron: Legacy soundtrack, but it was never used.

The two acts recorded a song called ‘Computerized’, which was set to appear on the score after Disney “tortured” the French duo to record an official single for the project.

According to Walt Disney Records’ president of music and soundtracks Mitchell Leib in an interview with Disney, the final track was “too rooted in real life and rap for [the filmmakers’] fantasy movie” and so was scrapped.


There were also apparently plans in place for Daft Punk and Jay Z to perform together at the premiere, but this was also canned.

‘Derezzed’ became the soundtrack’s single, while ‘Computerized’ leaked further down the line in 2014.

Leib also said that due to French copyright restrictions, Disney built a studio for the duo in which they could record the score. They blocked off 19 months to work on the soundtrack undistracted, save for an Adidas commercial.

The studio would later go on to be used to record ‘Random Access Memories‘.

“I’d never built a studio for a composer prior to that or since,” Leib said of the experience. “I’ve never had artists commit to the project and work on nothing else for 19 months. I’ve never dealt with artists wear robot suits and don’t speak in public. It was interesting, different, unique, through and through.”