Daft Punk 2017 tour rumours reignite following mysterious live teaser video

Are these GPS co-ordinates for live dates?

A mysterious YouTube video has reignited speculations that Daft Punk are set to tour in 2017.

Rumours of the French duo hitting the road again were sparked last year by a mysterious website called ‘Alive 2017’. It had also been suggested that the band could headline Glastonbury.

However, the website later appeared to be a hoax and Glasto boss Emily Eavis categorically denied that they’d be appearing.


Now a YouTube clip titled ‘ALIVE 2017’ has appeared online, featuring a new light show along with a series of mysterious numbers in its video caption.

Fans have speculated that the code could cite GPS co-ordinates, which would mean that the first one would take place in the Chad desert.

See the video for yourself beneath.


Speaking exclusively to NME, Emily Eavis previously said that she didn’t know where the rumours about either Daft Punk or The Stone Roses headlining the festival this year had come from.

“There’s no more [headliner] announcements now for a while, but I will tell you the other two that have been rumoured aren’t happening,” Eavis said. “There was a news story that said Daft Punk and Stone Roses. That’s not true. I don’t know where that came from.”


Daft Punk recently launched a line of Christmas-themed merch, selling their own baubles, snow globes and festive candles online.

They also collaborated with The Weeknd on ‘Starboy’, what became their first number one single in the US.