Nile Rodgers denies New York Daft Punk concert

The French dance duo will not be playing his one day event in Riverhead

Nile Rodgers has said that Daft Punk will not be playing his charity concert next month in New York.

The Chic man took to Facebook to write: “To be totally clear, Daft Punk is not playing at my charity event.”

Rodgers recently announced plans for a one-day music festival in New York. Writing at, he said that he will be hosting the first Nile Rodgers Dance Party on August 19 at the Martha Clara Vineyards in Riverhead, New York.

When discussing the surprise line-up for the event, he wrote that the concert takes place around the same time as the release of the next Daft Punk single. “There’s going to be me, my band Chic, and some of the hottest acts and surprises on the planet that day… which happens to be around the time the next Daft Punk single drops (I’m just saying).”

Nile Rodgers also recently revealed that Daft Punk will help him finish recording songs he made with Chic and had previously thought were lost. The veteran songwriter and producer, who most recently has topped the charts alongside Daft Punk with ‘Get Lucky’, said that he has found a number of old Chic songs and that he is hoping to finish work on them before releasing them to the public.

Speaking to DJAZZtv, Rodgers confirmed that Daft Punk are keen to help him finish the songs. “Daft Punk wants to do at least one of them with me, so that should be very cool. Because they respect the music, they understand.”