Daft Punk: ‘Human creativity is the ultimate interface’

French duo criticise the American EDM movement

Daft Punk have criticised EDM (Electronic Dance Music), saying it lacks emotion.

Asked by The Observer what he thinks of their influence on the American EDM movement, Thomas Bangalter, one half of the French Duo, hit out at the rising trend of digitalised musicians, saying: “The music that’s being done today has lost its magic and its poetry because it’s rooted in everyday life and is highly technological.”

He added: “On one hand we’re flattered [to influence new artists]. On the other hand we wish people could be influenced by our approach as much as our output. It’s about breaking the rules and doing something different rather than taking some arrangements we did 10 years ago that have now become a formula.

“Computers aren’t really music instruments. And the only way to listen to it is on a computer as well. Human creativity is the ultimate interface. It’s much more powerful than the mouse or the touch screen.”

Daft Punk release ‘Random Access Memories’ tomorrow (May 20). The LP features collaborations with the likes of Julian Casablancas, Chilly Gonzales and Giorgio Moroder and also includes the single ‘Get Lucky’ with Pharrell Williams, which is likely to spend a fourth week at Number One in the Official UK Singles Chart.

Last week, it was reported that Daft Punk are predicted to break Oasis’ record for the fastest selling album in UK chart history.The Britpop band’s 1997 LP ‘Be Here Now’ sold 650,000 in its first week of sales, but ‘Random Access Memories’ has already scored the highest number of pre-sales for any dance album ever on Amazon and bookies Paddy Power are giving 4/5 odds on the record outselling Oasis’s effort.