Daft Punk say they have no plans to perform ‘Random Access Memories’ live

French duo set record straight during radio interview

Daft Punk have once again reiterated the fact that they have no plans to perform live around the release of new album ‘Random Access Memories’.

The French duo put out the album on May 20 but have so far done little to no promotion personally for tit, instead leaving it to the various collaborators on the record to speak for them. Rumours of live appearances, particularly at the Coachella festival, have also gathered but speaking to Triple J radio in Australia, the duo said that they want to focus on getting the album released and have no plans to play live at the moment.

“We spent five years working on this record,” they said. “That’s really the first step by releasing it is we’d like to have people experience the record as the focal point.”

Speaking about their decision to reveal new music at a playback during Australian festival Wee Waa, bandmember Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo said: “It feels like [Australia] understands our music. It could be anywhere, that’s what the record is made for, anywhere and everywhere.”

Discussing the topic of playing live, Daft Punk previously said they could allow actors to perform their songs and wear their costumes if they ever fancied experiencing a Daft Punk gig as punters instead – but they don’t play frequently enough to make it appealing. “It would be possible but we play too few concerts. It would be dumb not to want the acclaim of 20,000 people,” the said.