Chilly Gonzales: ‘Every musician feels like Daft Punk is ahead of them’

He adds that the French duo are 'a very warm, familiar group despite their mysterious image'

Chilly Gonzales has spoken about working on Daft Punk‘s new album ‘Random Access Memories’.

Scroll down to watch a video of the singer and pianist talking to Vice as part of their Creators Project series about collaborating with the French duo.

In the video Gonzales explains that Daft Punk are “a very warm, familiar group despite their mysterious image – every musician feels an emotional connection to them and we always have the feeling that they’re ahead of us. They don’t really need any help”.


Gonzales says that he was bought in to assist with the harmonic side of the new record.

“Despite not having trained so much harmonically, they clearly realise that harmony has that power and it was very exciting to me,” he said. “I have a real love for the mathematics of music – I think they knew that about me, and that was their way of trying to use me in a really appropriate way.”

He continues: “One of the main specific things they asked me to do was build a musical bridge between a block of songs that were in A minor and there was another block of tracks that are in B flat minor or major… you literally hear that kind of key change in lots of power ballads… like a Barry Manilow song.”

Gonzales goes on to play snippets of songs from the new record on piano, demonstrating the key changes between tracks on the album. “The fact that they were asking for this musical bridge to happen just shows that they have absorbed a lot of what classical composers were obsessed with from 1700 through the early 20th century,” he reveals.

Chilly Gonzales is one of a number of collaborators Daft Punk have pulled in for ‘Random Access Memories’, which is released on May 20. Synth pioneer Giorgio Moroder, Todd Edwards, Pharrell Williams and Panda Bear are also set to appear on the LP.

Daft Punk recently earned their first ever Official UK Number One Single with ‘Get Lucky’.


The French electro duo entered the midweek UK Singles Chart at Number Three with the song, which features Chic’s Nile Rodgers and Pharrell Williams. After racking up sales of 155,000 copies, they then bagged the top spot.