Animal Collective’s Panda Bear discusses working with Daft Punk

'Random Access Memories' guest reveals Paris recording studio secrets

Animal Collective member and Daft Punk collaborator Panda Bear has spoken about working on the French duo’s new album ‘Random Access Memories’ – scroll down to watch it.

Talking to Vice as part of their Creators Project series, Panda Bear revealed that he was invited to work with Daft Punk in Paris after having asked the duo to remix one of his solo songs and an Animal Collective song. Speaking about his time in Paris, Panda Bear says: “They set up a bunch of microphones to see which one would sound best with my voice and then it was like, ‘OK, do something good’. It was right at the last moment that we came up with something that we all liked.”

Speaking about his work on the album, Panda Bear says: “It’s a huge honour for me, but to talk about it is still a little difficult for me. Something I like about Daft Punk is that every album is a little bit different.” Adding: “Instead of sampling an old piece of music it was like recording things in an old way to make something that sounds like it was sampling something old which, in turn, makes it sound new. It’s repetitive like a sampler but it has these sonic imperfections too. It’s wanting to remember something old that’s good but has been forgotten in some way. It’s a cool way to say thanks for the inspiration.”

Panda Bear is one of a number of collaborators Daft Punk have pulled in for ‘Random Access Memories’, which is released on May 20. Synth pioneer Giorgio Moroder, Todd Edwards, Pharrell Williams and Chilly Gonzales are set to appear on the LP.

Speaking about working with Daft Punk, Todd Edwards recently described the new songs as “future classics”, before going on to say: “They reversed gears and went back to a time that no-one’s really focused on. They’re fulfilling their vision on all levels.”