Rumoured Daft Punk gig debunked after attracting huge attention online

The origins of the rumour lie in an April Fool's prank, unfortunately

Rumours of a surprise Daft Punk show in LA this week attracted over 6000 Facebook users to its ‘official’ event page – but the purported gig has been exposed as a hoax.

The French duo last played live at this year’s Grammy Awards (where they performed with The Weeknd), but Daft Punk haven’t played a full live show since the conclusion of their ‘Alive’ tour in Sydney in December 2007.


Rumours about the gig – which was said to be taking place tonight (August 23) at the LA Coliseum – spread online earlier this week, with a Facebook event page apparently set up in honour of the show attracting over 6000 people who said they would be attending.

Facebook user Raoul Duke appears to be behind the stunt, having created the public Facebook event page for the ‘gig’.

The origins of the hoax appear to stem from an April Fool’s joke by MixMag, who posted an article on April 1 that purported to announce a 25-live date Daft Punk tour. That ‘announcement’ listed a gig on August 23 at the “Lol Angeles Memorial Coliseum.”

Last month, a new, bizarre meme used Daft Punk’s ‘One More Time’ as its soundtrack.