Daft Punk’s drum machine is up for sale

The Roland TR-909 was used by Thomas Bangalter

One of Daft Punk‘s own drum machines has been put up for sale.

The Roland TR-909 was used by Thomas Bangalter of the French electro-pop duo, and still contains the presets used on ‘Revolution 909’, from the band’s ‘Homework’ album.

The seller, Vintage & Analogue Occasion, posted on Facebook this week describing the machine as a “collectors item”, and stating that they would “sell it to the highest bidder”.


Translated from French, the post reads: “After a long thought, I decided to sell the famous Roland TR-909from Thomas Bangalter of the Daft Punk with the original presets of “Revolution 909″ to pay my mother’s studies…. Needless to say, it’s a collector’s item, so it’s impossible to set a price. We will sell it to the highest bidder…”

Check out the post below, as well as a video of the Roland TR-909 in action.


Daft Punk – Homework (Roland​ TR-909)

#5 of 10 Roland TR-909's owned by Daft Punk's Thomas Bangalter, featuring the original presets recorded at the time of 'Homework', way back in 1996. Check out the history! ☝? ?: Vintage & Analogue Occasion

Posted by Defected Records on Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Thomas Bangalter was spotted without his helmet at Cannes Film Festival earlier this year.

Bangalter was sighted making a rare unmasked appearance at the opening ceremony of the French film festival. He was sat next to his wife, French actress Élodie Bouchez, and two seats across from actor Adrien Brody.


There has been much speculation as to whether or not Daft Punk will return for a world tour in 2017.  Fans were left disappointed after a supposed ‘Alive 2017’ website was revealed to be a hoax. Many fans got their hopes up again when a mysterious teaser video appeared online. However, no tour announcement has yet been made.

The band have released two live albums called ‘Alive 1997’ and ‘Alive 2007’ named after their two tours, which seem to happen once a decade – adding to the theory that they’ll continue the tradition and tour this year.