Dagny reveals euphoric new single ‘Somebody’ and confirms new album will be in two parts

'Side A' is out later this month

Dagny has shared the second taste of her much-anticipated debut album in the form of new single ‘Somebody’, and confirmed that the record will come in two parts.

Speaking about ‘Somebody’, the video for which you can see below, the Norwegian singer said: “It’s the all-consuming and exciting feeling when everything is still new. I’ve been lucky to experience it. I find that when I’m in love I feel everything ten times more than usual.”

“With ‘Somebody’ for me it’s not just the lyrics but the whole vibe of the song that represents that: when I listen to it I get a lot of positive energy and I just wanna throw myself into something new and exciting.”


Dagny’s debut album will arrive in two parts, with the first, ‘Side A’, arriving on May 22. The release date for ‘Side B’ is yet to be announced.

The full tracklisting is as follows:

1. Come Over
2. Somebody
3. Paris
4. Let Me Cry
5. Coulda Shoulda Woulda
6. Tension

‘Side A’ will also feature ‘Come Over’, the single shared by Dagny in February along with news of the debut album.


“The song is a pretty self-explanatory, cheeky little thing that celebrates the “meet and greet” phase of a (potential) relationship,” Dagny said.

“Let me put it like this: if you meet someone you’re intrigued by, then Come Over is your fearless, ballsy and excited invitation to get to know ’em…particularly if they are a fireman who likes puppies.”

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