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Today’s top gossip:

The Strokes‘ drummer Fab Moretti appears alongside girlfriend Binki Shapiro in a new photoshoot for Elle. The couple – who also both play together in Little Joy – are seen modelling clothes both their own and especially brought in for the shoot (Elle).


From the papers:

Cheryl Cole allegedly collapsed during a photoshoot (The Sun).

Tom Jones is supposedly stunned after a leaked email from his record label boss appeared to slag off his new album ‘Praise & Blame’, asking if it was “some sick joke?” (various).

Noel Gallagher is said to have recorded a good luck TV message for the Argentinian football team – to be broadcast if they were to reach the World Cup final. However, following their defeat against Germany in the Quarter-Final on Saturday (July 3) the ad has now been scrapped (The Sun).

JLSAston says he doesn’t eat tomato ketchup in restaurants, because “it’s disrespectful to the chef” (News Of The World).

Snoop Dogg complained to Wireless organisers that his backstage area at the bash on Saturday (July 3) wasn’t big enough (The Sun).


Amy Winehouse, Madonna and Lewis Hamilton were among the celebs to watch Jay-Z‘s set at Wireless last night (July 4) (The Sun).

Jedward twin Edward is thought to have broken his leg after a dance move went wrong during a performances at T4 On The Beach (Daily Mirror).

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