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Today’s top gossip:

Take That‘s Howard Donald is the latest star to become the subject of a ‘love rat’ story in the red-tops. An injunction has been lifted allowing the press to reveal that he had a “secret lover” named Adakini Ntuli while he was with two long-term partners, as he had the affair over nine years. He’s still got a gagging order preventing her from dishing the dirt, but the papers have had a few ‘Take Rat’ headlines out of it (various).

From the papers:

Peter Andre‘s latest promo run has seen him pose with topless female models – in a clever twist, to promote a shirt. Pictures at Dailymirror.co.uk.

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here Shaun Ryder update: the Happy Mondays man has been complaining about having to share a camp with model Kayla Collins. “Older ones I can deal with. But young girls, yap yap yap,” he explained.

James Blunt has been living up to his swordsman reputation, we read – he’s pulled a Pussycat Doll. Blunt and Jessica Sutta were apparently “snogging each other’s faces off” in a club in Los Angeles recently, reports one of those well-placed anonymous “sources” (The Sun).

The paparazzi pack followed Robbie Williams to Manchester‘s Opera House recently where he was watching his friend Jonathan Wilkes perform adult panto Pantos On Strike. They got a bit of a photo bonus when he got up on stage to perform ‘Angels’ half-way through the show (Metro).

The tabs have also picked up on Adele‘s new living arrangements over news of her latest musical offerings. The scoop is that she’s back living with her mum because “I missed her too much” when she moved out (originally from BBC Newsbeat).

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