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Today’s top gossip:

Courtney Love is still on rocking form, even when stating the things about herself she’s not 100 per cent happy with. “The things I’m not very good at include casual sex, knitting, sewing, giving up smoking and playing hard to get when it’s most important,” she has explained, matter-of-factly (Daily Mirror).

From the papers:

Kasabian‘s Serge Pizzorno has been sizing up the football world to try and find the most rock’n’roll sportsman. Top of his list at the moment is Newcastle United bad boy Andy Carroll, who “looks a bit Black Sabbath“, according to the guitarist (The Sun).

Flavor Flav is launching his own range of booze and takeaway chicken. “I’ve got the Flavor Flav flavoured vodkas and a range of wine coming with my lyrics on the back,” he said of his plans, before referencing the chicken – and making sure to mention main competitor KFC (and founder Colonel Harland Sanders). “It’s called FFC and the Colonel better watch out,” he said (Daily Star).

Despite apparently wishing to remain anonymous, PixiesBlack Francis has been outed by the papers as reportedly donating £100,000 to help save London‘s 100 Club (The Sun).

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