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Today’s top gossip:

Rumours about The Rolling Stones touring in 2011 have been swirling around for a while now and, according to today’s tabs, things got as far as venues being named for an autumn jaunt.

However, according to one “source” quoted in a newspaper, negotiations have been “difficult” and that “the prospect of touring in 2011 is looking bleaker and bleaker”.

The paper also claims that the main reason for this is because Mick Jagger and Keith Richards are no longer on speaking terms, apparently due to the comments Richards made about the size of Mick Jagger‘s manhood in his recent autobiography, Life. Given that The Rolling Stones‘ last tour grossed £344 million, we’re sure eventually they’ll kiss and make up (Daily Mirror).

From the papers and beyond:

Mark Ronson has already given up hope of winning at next month’s Brit Awards, we read. The producer is up for Best British Male Solo Artist, but says he hasn’t got a hope. “I’ve got no chance of winning unless some strange things happen where Plan B and Tinie Tempah split the vote,” he said. Ronson also revealed that he’s invited a host of guests down for his Brit Awards afterparty show. So far Boy George is the only definite, but he’s also trying to get The View‘s Kyle Falconer and Kaiser Chiefs involved (Daily Star).

Arcade Fire have still got the common touch, sort of. Despite their arena-filling status they’ve revealed that they’ll be flying to the UK for their performance at the Brits in economy class. The band did have a lift on Cee Lo Green’s private jet scheduled, but time issues now mean they’ll be forced to fly cattle class (The Sun).

Lady Gaga‘s found one door in the world that won’t open for her, we read. During the filming of a US TV show she tried to show the cameras the apartment since once lived in, but the new resident didn’t want cameras inside. Gaga went in for a quick chat, but was left looking a little red faced (various).

HurtsTheo Hutchcraft is living up to his swordsman image again. After bagging himself a Playboy model last week, the singer has told the tabloids that he asked to shoot the video for band’s song ‘Sunday’ in Romania because “the girls there are amazing”. He added: “I love Eastern European women” (The Sun).

Ne-Yo has admitted that he missed a rather good opportunity when he passed up signing Justin Bieber. “I absolutely regret not signing him,” he said. “He’s hugely talented.” The R&B star said he didn’t sign the pop prodigy as he “didn’t know what music to make with an 11-year-old boy”. Ne-Yo also revealed that he is now writing for Bieber’s new album (Daily Record).

Finally, Death From Above 1979 and Pulp aren’t the only bands reuniting this summer. Girl band Mis-Teeq are also set to tour, with a source saying: “All the girls have been approached and the signs are very good.” The trio once featured Strictly Come Dancing judge Alesha Dixon in their ranks. Mid-afternoon pop festival slots, here they come (The Sun).

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