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Plus James Blunt prevents a new world war – your music gossip stop

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Today’s top gossip:

Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal‘s recent London “hanging out” session has made the papers. The actor reportedly flew the country-pop singer in from the USA to stay with him in The Dorchester hotel. One of those ol’ “anonymous sources’ said that “he hired a jet which would easily have set him back £100,000” (The Sun).

From the papers:

James Blunt has said that he once prevented a world war breaking out while he was serving in the Balkans in 1999. The ‘You’re Beautiful’ hitmaker said that he refused an order from NATO general Wesley Clark to get rid of 200 Russian troops “by any means necessary”, saying he “absolutely” agrees that a new war would have started if he’d followed the order… (BBC Radio 5live).

Usher has been chatting about his plans for Cheryl Cole. Specifically, he said it would be “nice” if she joined him on stage in London later this year, because “she got moves” (Daily Mirror).

Pete Doherty‘s finances have been revealed in the media. The fabulously-named Babyshambles Touring Ltd made £71,000 last year, while his other company, French Dog Blues, was £175 in the red (The Sun).

Coldplay‘s Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow have ordered in a bulk lot of Guinness to their US home (The Sun).

News from another anonymous “insider” – apparently SugababesJade Ewan has a lesbian stalker and has received lots of “obscene messages” from her. It’s OK though, she’s reportedly upped security levels around her (Daily Star).

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