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Plus Lady Gaga won't pick up her telephone, Pete Doherty moves in with Amy Winehouse – your music gossip stop

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Today’s top gossip:

Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose reportedly partied at a gay club in London after his band’s controversial performance at the Reading Festival over the weekend. The singer was spotted at the ‘Royal Jelly’ gay night at Bungalow 8, where he was later seen chomping on cheese on toast at 5am. Rose is also thought to have sacked his entire tour crew after his band’s slot at Reading over-ran on Friday and landed him a huge fine. He was reportedly sleeping when he was due onstage at both the Reading and Leeds festivals, and his entourage were under strict orders not to disturb him.

From the papers:

We Are ScientistsChris Cain almost missed the Reading And Leeds Festivals after he was stranded in Switzerland when his tourbus left without him. “I had to borrow money from a promoter to catch up with everyone else on the train, and as I didn’t have a reserved seat I had to sit in the toilet area for six hours,” he said (Daily Star).

Amy Winehouse has invited Pete Doherty to stay in her new Camden home because he apparently has nowhere to live in London (The Sun).

Lady Gaga is said to be refusing to pick up her mobile phone because she is scared of getting a brain tumour. One of her entourage often holds her handset for the singer on speaker phone. “There have been reports that mobile phones increase your risk of brain tumours and it really freaked her out,” a source said (various).

Katy Perry is reportedly in talks with ITV2 over plans to shoot her own reality show. The singer is also apparently set to lend her vocals to a new Smurfs movie (Daily Star).

Rihanna has burnt her forehead with curling irons after changing her hair colour to flame red. The singer posted a photo of her new look on her Twitter account before tweeting: “New hair….new curling iron BURN……damn 5head (sic) always in the way.”

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