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Today’s top gossip:

Calvin Harris gave his opinion on the England football team, following their exit from the World Cup at the weekend (June 29). The Scottish singer/producer took to his Twitter after the 4-1 defeat against Germany, and wrote: “England just aren’t that good at football compared to the rest of the world! It’s not a huge deal, it’s only a small country” (Twitter).

From the papers:

Fergie is rumoured to be taking time out from Black Eyed Peas, due to tensions with bandmate Will.I.Am (Daily Mirror).

Snoop Dogg tried to hire an entire country – Liechtenstein – for his new video. Property lease agent Karl Schwaerzler said the deal didn’t work out because of timing issues, though he added: “It would have been possible” (Daily Mirror).

Paul McCartney had 500 people on the guestlist for his Hard Rock Calling gig at London‘s Hyde Park on Sunday (June 27) (The Sun).

Harry Potter actress Emma Watson stars in the new video for One Night Only‘s ‘Say You Don’t Want It’. She’s going out with frontman George Craig (various).

Kasabian‘s Tom Meighan says he used to fancy Marty McFly‘s mum Lorraine from the Back To The Future films (Shortlist).

Dizzee Rascal is said to have hated techno clubs but loved a set by LCD Soundsystem during a recent trip to Ibiza (Daily Star).

P Diddy says he wants to sing like Leona Lewis (Daily Mirror).

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