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Today’s top gossip:

As you probably already know, Russell Brand and Noel Gallagher have resurrected their TalkSport podcasts recently. The latest, which you can watch below, features the duo, along with Matt Morgan, discussing Hugo Boss‘ role in designing uniforms for the Nazis. Yup, it’s news to us too (TalkSport).

From the papers:

Nadine Coyle gets a royal kicking in the papers today (November 3), after reportedly selling just “117 copies” of new single ‘Insatiable’. Ironically, what the reports initially fail to mention about Coyle‘s sales figures is that she’s also clocked up a few thousand digital sales, and that ‘Insatiable’ is exclusively available in Tesco stores. So, not quite as bad as you might think (various).

George Michael had Simon Cowell and Jonathan Ross round for dinner. Imagine the prank calls those three would make (The Sun).

Adam Ant walked around west London carrying a puppy in his jacket, thus proving that it really is a ‘Dog Eat Dog’ world (various).

Jay-Z said he thinks Will Smith‘s ten-year-old daughter Willow, who he’s signed to his Roc Nation label, could be the next Michael Jackson. This is not necessarily a good thing, Hova (The Sun).

From NME.COM users:

Michael Stipe turned up at Warpaint‘s show in Berlin on November 1 (from Paul).

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