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Today’s top gossip:

Rihanna has revealed she won’t date a man unless he’s good in bed or well-endowed. Speaking about her R-rated exploits, the singer said she’s a strict judge when it comes to choosing her sleeping partners. “If I’m dating I check the boy from top to bottom,” she explained. “He has to be good in bed and the size matters. You get what I mean? The inner beauty counts as well but without the toy it’s not fun.” Rihanna also admitted that at her home in Barbados, her pool boy has seen her naked five times. “At first it was so embarrassing,” she said. “But he’s used to this view now,” (Bravo).

From the papers:

Ronnie Wood‘s girlfriend Ekaterina Ivanova has been telling her friends that The Rolling Stones are planning a world tour for 2010 (The Sun).

Lily Allen dressed in leather for a new Chanel advert (Daily Mirror).

Fatboy Slim says he played his first sober Glastonbury this year (The Sun).

Susan Boyle apparently burst into tears while on tour in New York (Daily Mirror).

Amy Winehouse went to the gym in London (Daily Star).

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