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Diddy Hammers rumours, Rihanna's red hair, George Michael's £3million pad – your music gossip stop

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Today’s top gossip:

Lady Gaga is set to team up with scientist Gunther Von Hagens – famous for preserving and dissecting corpses – to design the set for her new tour. Von Hagens, who staged the first public autopsy in 170 years on TV eight years ago, is apparently seen as a “kindred spirit” by Gaga, according to a source. His current touring exhibition, Body Worlds, features dead people who have been preserved by replacing their bodily fluids with silicone (The Sun).

From the papers:

George Michael has bought a £3million house in Australia, after falling in love with the country while he was touring there in February (The Sun).

Duffy went to The Botanist restaurant in London (Daily Mirror).

Rihanna‘s got a new red hairdo (Daily Star).

Russell Brand says he likes the idea of P Diddy buying West Ham, the team he supports (Shortlist).

Franz Ferdinand played an acoustic set for fashion label Pringle in Milan (Daily Record).

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