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Today’s top gossip:

Jack Black may be an advocate of the School Of Rock, but it seems he’s not too into his UK indie. A recent interview with German magazine Intro saw him asked to review Esben And The Witch‘s album ‘Violet Cries’ and, although Black initially appeared to be into the record, he soon became exasperated with the Brighton band for “taking too long” to start singing. Watch video footage of the review by scrolling down and clicking below.

After listening to Jack‘s views get the new issue of NME, out today (January 19), for some words from us on the band.

From the papers and beyond:

Justin Beiber‘s fans don’t seem to take kindly to other women gushing on the tween-popster. After he tweeted a picture of Angelina Jolie sidling up to him at the Golden Globes, Mrs Brad Pitt received a torrent of abuse from disgusted Bieber fans online.

White LiesHarry McVeigh has done a pretty bad job of denying the rumour NME first published about the band working on La Roux’s second album. “It could happen but I don’t know,” he admitted before adding, “I can’t really say too much to be honest” (Daily Star).

Mona‘s Nick Brown has fallen foul of an old rock star cliché, we read. “I rung my ma the other day to tell her I had landed in London,” he explained. “She has a copy of our itinerary so she was able to correct me and tell me I was in New York” (The Sun).

Jonathan Ross says his and Simon Cowell‘s planned interview with George Michael was scrapped, apparently because TV bosses feared it would have been inappropriate to air after The X Factor (Daily Mirror).

UK Pop’s most on-off couple seem to be back on after a two month separation, we read in the red-tops: JLSMarvin Humes and The SaturdaysRochelle Wiseman apparently got together at the former’s O2 Arena gig on Sunday (16) (various).

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