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Today’s top gossip:

Jay-Z and Alicia Keys have given up trying to write a World Cup song, after admitting that they don’t know enough about football to do it justice. Keys admitted, “If we did a record about soccer it would be obvious we didn’t know much more about the sport than who David Beckham is,” (The Sun). However, Jay-Z may disagree, as he spoke at length about how much he loves Arsenal earlier this month (March 22), in an interview with the club’s official magazine.

From the papers:

Lady Gaga‘s rider consists of a plate of cheese (on ice), a whole roast chicken and no alcohol (Daily Star).

La Roux‘s Australian tour nearly went pearshaped after a lighting rig fell onto the stage, narrowly missing the band (The Sun).

Amy Winehouse made £55,000 from having ‘Rehab’ used in Glee (Daily Mirror).

Snoop Dogg says he has a prescription for “medical marijuana” (Daily Record).

Cher had a go at wakeboarding – but fell in the water – while on holiday in Maui (The Sun).

Kate Nash went to The Blues Kitchen in London (Daily Mirror).

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