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Today’s top gossip:

Dizzee Rascal has found an unusual way of keeping himself fit: he’s supposedly been enjoying friendly boxing rounds with British world champion David Haye. According to Haye, Dizzee “knows his stuff” and is “fast, powerful and heavy handed”. We’ll bear that in mind next time we review one of his albums (Daily Star).

From the papers and beyond:

P Diddy is heading to London soon to promote his new album ‘Last Train To Paris’ and has said he wants to organise a meeting with the Queen. Diddy said: “Tell the Queen we need to have tea while I play her my CD.” Prince Philip is unlikely to approve (Daily Mirror).

Willow Smith has some ambitious plans for her tour, we read. She wants “the stage to open and have fire coming out, and I’m floating on a cloud and the lights come down” (Daily Record).

Take That have sold out stadiums, shifted truckloads of albums and reunited with Robbie Williams recently, but now have been given the highest honour of them all: they’ve been made the subject of an academic conference. Academics at the University Of Salford have organised a two-day event titled Making Things Whole Again: The Take That Reunion. Apparently the conference will address, among other issues, comparisons between Take That and The Beatles (The Sun).

Adele reckons she owes her US success all to Sarah Palin, we read. The singer appeared on US TV show Saturday Night Live on the same night as Governor of Alaska and said: “Sarah Palin made my career by coming on that show.” Adele also revealed that Palin stopped her to chat, adding: “She cornered me and said hello. And I had a massive Obama badge on my tit” (Attitude).

Plan B may have found the inspiration for his latest concept album in one of Hollywood‘s less musical characters: Forrest Gump. “I love Forrest Gump, I don’t care what anyone thinks,” he said. “It’s deep and inspiring; it’s definitely influenced my songwriting” (Daily Star).

Finally, Muse are worried that their love of the spectacular could be make them blind. Drummer Dominic Howard said the band have wondered “what the hell will our corneas be like in 20 years” due to the lasers they shone during their last tour. Howard also said he fears “we could end up like that amazing vocal group The Blind Boys Of Alabama – getting around, doing it really well, but not seeing anything.” It would explain Matt Bellamy‘s ever-present sunglasses at least (The Sun).

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