P Diddy buys £220,000 car for his non-license holding son – Daily Gossip

Kate Nash, Ronnie Wood, Chipmunk – Daily Gossip

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Today’s top gossip:

P Diddy has bought his son Justin Dior a German Maybach car worth £220,000 (complete with chauffer). Justin is yet to gain his driving license. “I’m ecstatic right now,” the young chap exclaimed (Various).

From the papers:

Kate Nash has joked that her and her band are going to get each others’ names tattooed on their rear ends to celebrate hooking back up again (Daily Star).

Lady Gaga wore bizarre pop-up sunglasses out in New York (The Sun).

Ronnie Wood bought roses for a “mystery beauty” in Waitrose in Esher (Daily Mirror).

Chipmunk has been stocking up on Jamiaican Herbal Root Tonic – which supposedly helps out chaps in the bedroom department (The Sun).

Meanwhile, both Chipmunk and Sisqo recently partied at London‘s Studio Valbonne (Daily Mirror).

Seasick Steve has compared his Chevy van to his missus. “You get comfortable and don’t want to trade it in, just because it gets a little rough around the edges,” he quipped (The Sun).

Ofcom has ruled that The X Factor breached safety limits with regards to laser light effects when Westlife performed on the show. Levels were five times the safe limit (Daily Mirror).

Emailed in from NME.COM users:

Former Stereophonics drummer Stuart Cable nattered away to Gail Porter at the premier of Welsh indie flick ‘A Bit Of Tom Jones?’ at the Vue cinema in London‘s Leicester Square (from Kelly).

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