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Justin Bieber the brat, Shaun Ryder beats Gordon – your music gossip stop

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Today’s top gossip:

Blink-182 are reportedly “in discussions” to play next year’s T In The Park festival. Although nothing is confirmed yet, according to Scottish red-top sources the band would be “honoured” to play the bash, which takes place at Balado on July 8-10, and neatly coincides with their previously announced UK arena tour. Foo Fighters have alrady been confirmed for a headline slot (Daily Record).

From the papers:

HurtsTheo Hutchcraft is making a bit of a name for himself in tabloid-land. He’s been hanging out with newly-single Professor Green, and it seems the duo have launched a bit of a tag team. They apparently had a bevy of girls following their every move at Mahiki in London on Saturday night (December 4). Class (The Sun).

He’s a man who knows a thing of two about hangovers, and Ozzy Osbourne reckons he’s come up with the ultimate cure for the morning after headpound, we read. It’s four tablespoons of brandy, four tablespoons of port, a dash of milk, egg yolks and some nutmeg. Rather him than us (Daily Star).

More Amy Winehouse tabloid news now, following the recent revelation that she was mates with a monkey. Now the singer seems to have brought the spirit of Barbados back home with her following her month-long stint there. She was spotted out and about in the capital in just a vest and skinny jeans, despite the freezing temperatures (various).

Shaun Ryder may not have won I’m A Celebrity…, but he has set a new record by swearing more times on national TV than Gordon Ramsay. Shaun effed and blinded more than 5,000 times in the three weeks he was on the show (Daily Star).

Justin Bieber gets a bit of a kicking in the press today, for apparently acting like a “spoiled brat” in London at the weekend. His antics included drawing a fake tache on himself during a meal and, rather brilliantly, flying a remote control helicopter into the head of his security guard (Daily Record).

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