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Today’s top gossip:

Lady Gaga has said that she hopes that the end of her life comes while she is playing a gig. “I would rather not die on vacation,” she mused. “I’d rather die onstage with all my fans” (Various). Also, Gaga recently paid a visit to Berlin’s Berghain club, which has a hardcore sex club in the basement. She hung out with her fans and posed for pictures in the infamous gay nightspot (Daily Star).


From the papers:

Dizzee Rascal has said that despite previously appearing on Newsnight, he’s “not been into” the recent election. “I’m not qualified to fucking give it that much thought,” he said, adding: “I’ll leave it to them. I’ve got my own stresses” (Shortlist).

Alex James of Blur has spoken out in support of the medium-sized British cheesemakers who are being squeezed out of the market, asking for fair trade for UK farmers and creamerys (The Sun).

Klaxons have started rehearsals for their small-scale June tour. According to Jamie Reynolds their second album will be “like the first record times a thousand” (Daily Star).

Lily Allen was spotted in tears at last night’s Fulham vs Atletico Madrid Europa League final, as her team, Fulham, lost the match 2-1 (Daily Star).

Kelis trained as a cordon bleu chef during her recent four-year break from music. Her specialty is as a saucier (Daily Record).


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