Bez battered in organised bare knuckle fight – Daily Gossip wants to be Mark Zuckerberg, Shakira pens children's book - your music gossip stop

Welcome to the Daily Gossip: your daily stop-off to find out what the stars of the music world have been up to in the tabloids and beyond, with the help of plenty of “anonymous sources”.

Today’s top gossip:

Happy Mondays dancer Bez isn’t looking too healthy in the papers this morning (December 23) – he’s been involved in what appears to be an organised bare knuckle fight.

Pictures show Bez bloodied and bruised from a fight with Space Monkeys bassist Dom Morrison in a Manchester scrapyard office.

The fight was supposedly organised by two local brothers, Anthony and Christopher Donnelly, and was allegedly to settle a feud over Bez‘s former partner Monica Ward, who is now in a relationship with Morrison. “It was really bitter [the relationship between the two men] and they wanted to sort it out one way – with an old fashioned straightener,” a source said. How gentlemanly (The Sun).

From the papers and beyond:

Black Eyed Peas mainman fancies himself as an internet entrepreneur and wants to launch his own social networking site, we read. “Ten years from now I could be Mark Zuckerberg” he said (Daily Star)

Cee Lo Green is supposedly ready to turn his back on pop stardom for a career in graphic design instead, according to the red-tops. “I used to have an interest in graphic art and illustration,” he said. “So I will probably try my hand at that again.” No harm in having a back-up plan (Daily Star).

Shakira has turned her talents to writing a children’s book. The Columbian pop star has penned a Dora The Explorer book for a children’s charity. (Jam Showbiz).

Ozzy Osbourne has aired his views on the pop hits of 2010. The legendary metaller declared that he was sick of Lady Gaga and when asked what he thought of Justin Bieber, he replied: “Who?” (Billboard).