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Today’s top gossip:

50 Cent‘s Connecticut mansion has been broken into by wine-loving stoners, we read. Security guards at the rapper’s home, which once belonged to boxer Mike Tyson, no less, called the police at 6am (EST) after noticing a suspicious car in the driveway. Police searched the house and found two men inside, one of whom was hiding in a closet drinking a bottle of 50 Cent‘s wine, presumably to calm his nerves about the prospect of being found by the stacked rapper. They were then arrested and also found to be in possession of marijuana – quite the party going on (TMZ.com).

From the papers:

Tinie Tempah has issued a warning to any potential suitors via the red-tops – don’t call him by his real name. The rapper, whose birth certificate has him down as Patrick Junior Chukwuem Okogwu, said: “I meet a lot of girls who think it’ll be cool to call me Patrick. I’m like, ‘No, don’t you dare.’ Even my mum doesn’t call me that.” Message received (The Sun).

Good old Chris Martin – the Coldplay man snubbed a posh five-course meal to hang out with members of the homeless choir he had recruited for the band’s recent fundraising gigs. Apparently Martin ordered 12 giant pizzas and 25 bags of chips for everyone (Daily Star).

Former Westlife singer Brian McFadden has given those who follow him on Twitter a real treat, posting pictures of him undergoing root canal work at the dentist on his feed (Twitter.com/brianmcfadden).

Mark Ronson‘s in the papers today (December 22) talking about his dream collaborations. When asked which two artists, alive or dead, he’d most like to work with, he replied, “Biggie [Smalls] and Steve Winwood. Bit of a contrast there (Daily Star).

Plan B‘s success seems to be going to his head a touch – the singer, real name Ben Drew, has apparently told the media he reckons this year should be renamed as “two thousand and Ben” in his honour (The Sun).

Amy Winehouse‘s rider for her upcoming gigs in Brazil apparently not only includes a stack-load of booze, but also yoghurt, jelly sweets, chips and chocolate bars. She also wants the use of three armoured cars… (Daily Mirror).

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