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Today’s top gossip:

Charlie Sheen is a fan of Amy Winehouse, it seems – or her partying antics, at least. The actor and recent internet sensation is quoted in the red tops today (March 7) saying the singer can match him in the partying stakes.

Amy Winehouse was pretty radical,” he explained of her shenanegans over the past few years. “She was partying Charlie Sheen-style.” He added: “Didn’t she win 90 Grammys the night she was banned [she couldn’t enter the US in 2008 due to not getting a visa]? That was like, wow. Fuck you. That was huge” (The Sun).

From the papers and beyond:

Chris Brown is in the midst of more controversy, we read. The R&B singer, who is preparing his comeback album ‘F.A.M.E’, suffered the embarrassment of a naked photograph he had taken of himself being leaked on to the net over the weekend. Brown described the incident as a “lesson” on his Twitter page on Saturday (5).

In an effort to revitalise his flagging career, Daniel Bedingfield has been busking on a London street. The singer apparently also told those who gathered he was cutting his own path, shouting: “No more record companies, no more industry” (The Sun).

Rumours are still circulating that Duffy is thinking of quitting music, and the singer has admitted she’s been told of other, less savoury career avenues to look into. The Welsh singer said: “[I] always felt quite disappointed because whenever I went to America and met anybody they never really said I was a great singer, they said, ‘She should be a porn star!” (OK!)

Finally, Jessie J might be all over our TV screens at the moment, but the Essex singer has told the tabs she doesn’t even own one herself. “I don’t actually own a TV. All I have is a small digital radio,” she said. She added that she’d like to start her own charity, which is nice (Daily Record).

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