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Garvey's dreams, Gaga's sick bucket, RiRi's sex shop - your music gossip stop

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Today’s top gossip:

Lily Allen has apparently turned down the chance to replace Simon Cowell on The X Factor, as speculation continues to mount that the pop mogul will quit the UK version of the show to concentrate on the US version. Now, ‘sources’ are quoted as saying Allan has been approached for the role, we read. “Lily was flattered to get Simon‘s call,” one such source said. “It’s a big job and an honour to be asked. But she’s not convinced. She has tried to take a step back from the limelight over the last six months and doesn’t want to be thrust right back into the madness of the showbiz pantomime that comes with the show.” Instead, Allen is apparently set to write songs for Bridget Jones: The Musical. “She doesn’t need the money or the hassle at this stage in her life,” the source continued. “Maybe in a few years time when circumstances change she will be more receptive” (The Sun).

From the papers:

Elbow‘s Guy Garvey says he’s been haunted by bizarre dreams in the run-up to the release of the band’s new album ‘Build A Rocket Boys!’. “I have very interesting sleep patterns before an album comes out on account of anxiety dreams,” he said. “I had one recently where my friends had posted all my lyrics online. It looked like one of those religious posters you used to get in Athena, like a desert background with a psalm written on it in italics.” We’re not sure what this means, but maybe Garvey should lay off the cheese before bed, eh? (Daily Star).

Snoop Dogg has been tweeting excitedly about his appearance at Lovebox this summer. “Wat it to do London? I can’t wait to come overseas ‘n’ blow it down like a broke stove. It goin’ down like four flat tyres” (The Sun).

Lady Gaga was apparently so nervous before her appearance at Paris Fashion Week that she asked for a sick bucket in her special backstage ‘budoir’. She then treated her entourage to 10 bottles of champage and platters of meat and seafood (Mirror).

Rihanna lived up to her horny reputation by visiting a sex shop in Sydney (Daily Star).

Justin Bieber has apologised to fans via Twitter for flipping the V’s at a paparazzo: “I’m sorry. It’s not always easy – but I know better than to react in anger,” he said (Daily Star).

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