Liz Taylor heralds Michael Jackson as “a modern day prophet” – Daily Gossip

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Today’s top gossip:

Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor called Michael Jackson a “modern day prophet” via her Twitter account (Daily Star).

From the papers:

Lynval Golding of The Specials celebrated winning the Q Inspiration Award with a £7.99 all-you-can-eat buffet in Coventry (The Sun).

‘Twilight’ star Robert Pattinson is thinking about releasing an album (Daily Record).

Rod Stewart is trying for another child – his eighth – with wife Penny Lancaster (Daily Star).

Kelly Rowland, formerly of Destiny’s Child, will be appearing in the video for 50 Cent‘s video for the track ‘Baby By Me’ (Daily Record).

Metallica have offered a £33,000 reward to anyone who can find Morgan Harrington, a 20-year-old fan of the band who went missing after their gig in Virginia (Daily Star).

U2 are to perform in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin on November 5 – the same day the MTV Europe Music Awards are in town (The Sun).

50 people got into a fight at an Akon gig in Melbourne. Eight people were hospitalised (Daily Mirror).

A tipsy Lily Allen told a tabloid journalist in a pub after the Q Awards that life’s all about “Drink and class A drugs” (Daily Star).

Courtney Love has vowed never to have plastic surgery again after meeting US socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein. “I could do with another boob lift, but no way. I don’t want to end up looking like her. She looked freaky,” said Love (The Sun).

Muse have revealed their new showbiz mate Kanye West is a “sensitive guy”, who feels genuinely bad about upsetting Taylor Swift at the MTV VMAs (Daily Star).