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The KillersBrandon Flowers has blamed Nirvana and Kurt Cobain for making rock music depressing. Despite the seminal grunge frontman dying almost 15 years ago to the day (he took his life on April 5, 1994), Flowers lambasted Cobain. “I don’t mean it in a bad way but I think Kurt Cobain and grunge took the fun out of rock and roll,” he said. However, Flowers says that he thinks his band is now making American music “a lot more playful and brighter” (Daily Star).

From the papers:

Pete Townshend is divorcing his wife of 40-years, Karen Astley. The couple originally split in 1994, and Townshend now lives with his girlfriend Rachel Fuller (The Sun).

The Rakes‘ singer Alan Donohue slept with a knife next to his bed while recording the band’s new album ‘Klang’ in Germany (Daily Star).

The uncle of the child at the centre of Madonna‘s adoption case has said he will back the singer by opposing custody attempts against the child’s natural father (The Sun).

Gareth Gates has become a father (Daily Star).

Chris Martin took his children to Disneyland in California (The Sun).

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