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Today’s top gossip:

Robbie Williams has revealed details of his “drugs hell”, admitting that he once even tried heroin. The singer, back after a three-year hiatus, says he started taking Class A drugs when he was a teenager (and before Take That started releasing music). He said he has had addiction problems with everything from LSD and speed to cocaine and ecstasy.

“When I started going clubbing at 16 we were on acid. The acid and speed. Then it progressed into cocaine. Before the acid, heroin. I did that once,” he admitted.

Williams also revealed that in the last five years he has suffered from the “American addiction” – meaning prescription drugs such as Adderall and Vicodin, although he’s now clean. He added that at one point he feared he would end up dying from an overdose of the drugs, like other high-profile stars. “I was on my way out. It wasn’t the best period of my life. You see Anna Nicole Smith goes off – pills. Michael Jackson goes off – pills. And Heath Ledger. I can relate to all of that” (The Sun).

From the papers:

Madonna is buying her boyfriend Jesus Luz a £1.7 million house in New York (The Sun).

John Lydon seems to have slight regrets about becoming the face of Country Life butter. Asked if he’s proud of featuring in the advertising campaign, he said, “If I’m gonna be held up for heart disease in the future, certainly not” (The Independent).

The Beautiful South‘s Paul Heaton was forced to hand back an amateur football medal after his Sunday league side – the brilliantly named Hardley Athletic – were punished by officials for fielding a semi-professional player under a false name. “We didn’t do this deliberately, however it might look,” a club spokesperson said (The Sun).

Empire Of The Sun and Sleepy Jackson frontman Luke Steele is moving to New York because of the success he’s had after appearing on Jay-Z‘s new album (Daily Star).

Adele has moved back in with her mum (The Sun).

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