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Carl Barat's tube trouble, Lady GaGa's elephant outfit, Noel Gallagher goes to Soho – your music gossip stop

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Today’s top gossip:

Jamie T has revealed he accidentally deleted his entire iTunes library, losing roughly £6,000 of music in the process. The Wimbledon troubadour admitted that it’s his own fault he lost the tracks – because he was too busy watching TV, rather than concentrating on moving them to a hard drive.
“I was trying to put my music on a hard drive because my computer was getting too full,” he explained. “I wasn’t concentrating because I was watching Martin Scorsese‘s blues documentary on TV and I must have deleted it off both the hard drive and the computer.” He added that when he realised what he’d done, it felt like one of “those moments in your life when you can’t even scream,” (The Sun).

From the papers:

Lady Gaga wore an elephant outfit for an interview on Japanese TV (The Sun).

Lily Allen went to Ronnie Scott‘s jazz club in London (Daily Mirror).

Michael Jackson‘s children have been banned from using the internet by his mother (and their guardian) Katherine, in the wake of the singer’s death (The Sun).

Noel Gallagher shopped in Soho‘s Stone Island store (Daily Star).

Paolo Nutini thinks he looks like Frodo from ‘Lord Of The Rings’ (The Sun).

From NME.COM users:

Carl Barat got off the tube at Highgate Station in London yesterday (August 6), but his Oyster card didn’t work so he had to get a tube person to let him through the barriers (from Anthony).