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Today’s top gossip:

La Roux‘s Elly Jackson says she feels bad because her album has been received better than that of rival Little Boots. The bequiffed singer said the reaction that has greeted Little Boots‘ album ‘Hands’ was “unfair”, adding that she doesn’t like it when new acts receive too much hype early on in their careers.
“Hype can be a very dangerous thing, it can accelerate people’s expectations,” she said. “We felt the same about our album but we have got away with it.” Jackson added that she’s not keen on pop acts who employ a myriad of different songwriters for their records. “It’s strange to me that some bands’ first albums are recorded with 10 different artists. You end up thinking ‘Well, what have you actually done here?'” (Daily Star).

From the papers:

Lily Allen is being sent roses by grime artist Bashy, who is allegedly “smitten” with the singer, according to a source (Daily Mirror).

Robbie Williams says he has “doggy” parties at his house. “All my friends bring their dogs over to play with our dogs. It’s one big doggy party,” he said (Daily Record).

Leonardo DiCaprio is set to watch Dizzee Rascal‘s Ibiza Rocks show on August 11 (Daily Mirror).

Michael Jackson‘s mother Katherine has asked for a third autopsy to be performed on the singer’s body (The Sun).

Coldplay‘s Chris Martin momentarily forgot where he was before his band’s Osheaga Festival show in Montreal. “Where am I – America? Peru? Canada?” he said (Daily Star).

Victoria Beckham is set to appear as a judge on ‘American Idol’ (Daily Mirror).

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