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Today’s top gossip:

Rihanna and Chris Brown apparently got back together to “spend the night in each other’s arms” at the Trump International Hotel in Manhattan – six months after he was accused of assaulting her. “He was cupping her cheeks with his hands and whispering in her ear. She was giggling. It all looked very cosy,” an anonymous source was quoted as claiming (Metro).

From the papers:

Calvin Harris has branded dance producers “lazy”. He said that there is “so much amazing underground dance music that is coming out but as far as commercial dance music goes, it has been bad for the last few years. I wish the bigger artists weren’t so lazy” (Daily Record).

Natalie Imbruglia has buddied up with David Walliams and Alan Carr, dressing as a fairy in a tutu in a series of videos on her website (Natalieimbruglia.com).

Coldplay tickets are now selling for as little as 60p on their American tour (The Sun).

Pixie Geldof helped recover a £2,000 guitar for her favourite band, indie-folk five-piece Spindle And Wit. The band were partying after a recent gig when the Gibson axe disappeared from the stage. Luckily, Pixie spotted the thief and followed him out of the venue and told the band to check a nearby pub, where they caught the man red-handed (The Sun).

Britney Spears has raised rumours that the colour changes of her hair correspond with a new mindset (so the papers say), with her locks now bleach blonde (Daily Mirror).

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