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Linda Kasabian likes Kasabian, Lily Allen likes cupcakes, Lady Gaga doesn't like good-looking men – your music gossip stop

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An African tribe who believe that Michael Jackson is their god have put the singer’s spirit to rest in a burial ceremony in front of thousands of mourners. The Anyi people performed the ceremony in Krindjabo, which is the capital of Sanwi Kingdom in the Ivory Coast. Jackson was made a king-in-waiting by the tribe after he visited them in 1992, during a trip to Africa which he undertook to “sound out the architecture of my DNA”. He was renamed Prince Michael Amalaman Anohin.
Tribe chiefs have also revealed that they have enquired about obtaining Jackson‘s remains so they can lay him to rest in Krindjabo properly, as tradition dictates. Tribesman Emmanuel Kassi Kofi said: “If the American’s or his family permitted us to bring the body here, we’d do what needs to be done. It was Michael himself who tested his DNA, found this is where he came from and said it’d be good to find his family” (Daily Star).

From the papers:

Kasabian have a fan in Linda Kasabian (the Charles Manson gang member from whom the band take their name). She liked the band’s music after she was played it by a documentary team (The Observer).

Lily Allen bought cupcakes from Betty Blythe in London‘s Shepherd’s Bush (Daily Star).

Pixie Lott says she’d be a rubbish girlfriend because she has bad timekeeping, prefers hanging out with her girl friends and concentrates too much on her music (The Sun).

Joss Stone is “at war” with her record label, EMI, who she says won’t release her new album (Daily Star).

Lady Gaga doesn’t think looks are important when it comes to men (The Sun).

EditorsTom Smith says his baby son Rudy has influenced the band’s new album ‘In This Light and On This Evening’ (Daily Record).

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