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Today’s top gossip:

Lily Allen says she is ready to give up music in order to pursue a career in acting. The singer said she’s already been offered the lead role in a West End play, which she will start working on after her current tour finishes in March. “I’ve been on the road for four years and I’ve given my voice a real run for its money,” she said. “I’m struggling so I’m going to try something new.” Allen said she’s set to play the lead in Neil LaBute‘s ‘Reasons To Be Pretty’, and she revealed she’s already receiving some drama training from a RADA representative. “The play is about themes close to my heart,” Allen explained, adding that she finds the prospect of starring in the production “amazing and terrifying” (The Sun).

From the papers:

Jay-Z watched Manchester City beat Arsenal 4-2 on Saturday (September 12) (The Sun).

‘Britain’s Got Talent’ star Susan Boyle was mobbed by hundreds of fans as she flew into Los Angeles LAX airport (various).

Amy Winehouse is looking for a house in Camden, six months after buying her current house in Barking (Daily Star).

Speech Debelle says she wants to work with Lily Allen (Daily Mirror).

VV Brown says if she wasn’t a singer she’d be a masseuse or a sex therapist. “I’m really good at sex,” she explained (Daily Star).

Elton John and partner David Furnish want to adopt a Ukrainian child the singer met while performing charity work at an orphanage in Makeeva (The Sun).

The CribsGary Jarman and Johnny Marr have attacked Lady Gaga. “What is Lady Gaga? I don’t know what ‘it’ is,” Jarman asked. “‘It”s a bit like a virtual popstar, isn’t ‘it’?” Johnny Marr added (Channelbee).

David Gray has called Oasis boring, saying, “They haven’t done anything musically interesting since their highest moment, which was over 15 years ago now” (The Sun).

Michael Jackson‘s ‘secret’ sister JohVonnie has sold her story, saying she’s been shunned by much of the Jackson family for 35 years, though she is now close to father Joe (Daily Mirror).

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