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Today’s top gossip:

The debate of whether Michael Jackson actually fathered his children rages on. It has been claimed that the self-style king of pop could not have had children, as he was left infertile by abuse. It’s been claimed that father, Joe Jackson, had booted him so hard in the groin that he never recovered. Jackson‘s skin doctor, Arnold Klein, is the real father after he donated sperm, according to his former gay lover, Paul Gohranson. This is contrary to what brother Tito Jackson told the Daily Mirror yesterday (July 16), insisting that the kids were all Michael‘s (Daily Star).

From the papers:

Michael Jackson used his dance moves to dodge beatings by his father, Joe, brother Tito revealed. He recalled: “He’d swing the belt and Michael would be over there, he’d swing again and Michael would be over here” (Daily Mirror).

JLS lost their debut album on a train, only to have it handed back to them by The Sun. The record made its way to the paper’s gossip chap Gordon Smart, who had a listen before returning the record – the songs are from the “top drawer”, apparently (The Sun).

Pink was hit in the eyes by a frog as she was having a pee in Australia. The singer was relieving herself by a road when it jumped straight at her face (Daily Mirror).

Danni Minogue is following in Cheryl Cole‘s footsteps, and has landed in Los Angeles to crack America (Daily Mirror).

Adele is getting a new dog (Daily Star).

Florence Welch is being haunted in her dreams by Michael Jackson (Daily Star).