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Today’s top gossip:

Chelsea captain John Terry took to the stage during the football club’s Christmas party, belting out a number of ‘classics’. Among Terry‘s chosen karaoke tunes were Luther Vandross‘Never Too Much’ and Biggie Smalls‘One More Chance’ (Daily Mirror).

From the papers:

Duffy was spotted smoking a fag outside Brixton Academy before her gig at the venue (Daily Star).

The Hoosiers are set to take part in London‘s Gloom Aid on January 19 – supposedly the most depressing day of the year (Daily Record).

Fall Out Boy‘s Pete Wentz says he wants his newly-born son to travel the world “nomadically” (Daily Star).

EditorsTom Smith says the band’s new album sounds as if it could be the soundtrack to ‘Bladerunner’ (Daily Record).

Kylie Minogue is set to appear in a big-budget Bollywood film (Daily Star).

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