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Today’s top gossip:

Elton John‘s latest rant has made the papers – he laid into Liam and Noel Gallagher, calling the brothers “stupid sods” for failing to crack America and claimed the likes of Muse and Coldplay are better bands. “They never broke America,” Elton said, adding: “You only get [one chance], and if you blow it, it’s gone. You can’t not regret that. I always thought, ‘You stupid sods. You’ll never get that opportunity again’.” He went on: “You know, it’s the boys from the men. Coldplay, Muse, U2, The Police, all those bands. They’re the men, and all the rest are boys” (various).

From the papers:

One newspaper actually made the news itself yesterday (November 28). Lily Allen had a Twitter argument with Daily Mail journalist Katie Nicholl in reaction to an article she wrote suggesting the pop star and her beau Sam Cooper were planning to marry to ease their grief after she suffered a miscarriage.

After Lily called Nicholl a “cunt” and accused her of lying, the journalist apparently got in touch and “threatened to consult her lawyer if I don’t take that Tweet down. She thinks it was too heavy handed”. Lily duly took the Tweet down, though she replaced it with a more level-headed one: “Katie Nicholl I THINK you’re a cunt, leave me out of your shitty column, you know nothing about the intimate details of my life.” She added: “There’s a time and a place for your musings where I’m concerned, and it’s not now.”

Meanwhile, Liam wore a Pretty Green parka and massive floppy hat to Primal Scream‘s afterparty for their ‘Screamadelica’ gig on Saturday (November 27). He partied at new London venue Wyld with the likes of Jarvis Cocker, Kate Moss, ex-girlfriend Lisa Moorish and the rest of his Beady Eye bandmates. Ironically – considering his headgear – he was also seen deep in conversation with noted hat designer Philip Treacy. The View‘s Kyle Falconer ended the evening by spewing his guts up outside the venue, practically hitting passers-by with phlegm as he did so (various).

Earlier in the evening, Moss was refused entry to the gig at London‘s Olympia venue because bouncers didn’t recognise her (Daily Star).

Shaun Ryder I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! update: the singer is annoyed at fellow contestant Gillian McKeith. “If she was my wife she’d be in pieces in a hole in the back garden,” he quipped.

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