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Lily Allen, Kid Rock, Nelly Furtado – your music gossip stop

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Today’s top gossip:

50 Cent was left red-faced after the keys to his Rolls Royce were locked in the car when the rapper turned up for a meeting in a London hotel. Security had to open the doors to the vehicle using a coathanger, but didn’t manage it before Fiddy had been issued with a parking ticket (Daily Star).

From the papers:

Kid Rock says he likes wearing fur so much he is willing to “go to war” with animal rights campaigners PETA (Daily Record).

Lily Allen says she has a therapist who helps her to overcome jibes from the press about her weight and appearance (The Sun).

Katy Perry dressed up as a banana at the annual Jingle Ball in California (The Sun).

Cliff Richard says the mystery surrounding his sexuality makes him an “enigma” (Daily Mirror).

Nelly Furtado called James Morrison “sexy” (The Sun).

Jamie Cullum is giving his family hand-made gifts this Christmas (Daily Star).

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