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Today’s top gossip:

Coldplay‘s Chris Martin has revealed that he has dreams about Radiohead and Westlife. “I dreamed about Radiohead last night and Westlife the night before,” he said. “Which is the perfect blend of what we’re trying to do musically. I always dream about other musicians. And they’re never interested in hanging out with us” (Q Magazine).


From the papers:

Pete Doherty briefly had his collar felt by an off-duty police officer in King’s Cross in London. He was puffing on a herbal cigar, and the policeman wrongly thought it might have been drugs (Daily Star).

U2‘s Bono planted trees at the Sea Forest project off Tokyo Bay (The Sun).

Snow Patrol keep getting interrupted by bats who live in the same house they’re recording new songs in (Daily Record).

Amy Winehouse‘s record label bosses have hired a relaxation therapist, masseuse and nutritionist to help keep her on the straight and narrow (Daily Mirror).

Fall Out Boy‘s Pete Wentz has commissioned a Lego bee to be made by artist Nathan Saways for his wife, Ashlee Simpson (Daily Record).


Rihanna has been banned from seeing her boyfriend, Chris Brown, so she isn’t distracted from promoting her records (Daily Mirror).

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