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Today’s top gossip:

Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor was in a team at the Three Kings pub quiz in Clerkenwell, east London, but came last, winning an Adam Ant book as the booby prize. ‘The Mighty Boosh’’s Julian Barratt’s team fared a touch better (from NME.COM user Alan).

From the papers:

The Pigeon DetectivesMatt Bowman says the Brit Awards are “a load of rubbish” (Daily Star).

Kasabian went to see the British Masters snooker tournament at Wembley.

George Clooney has said he has a soft spot for Geri Halilwell. “I loved her feisty approach and the fact she wasn’t afraid to have an opinion,” he said (Daily Star).

Scouting for Girls have cancelled their usual requests for Stella Artois beer because it made them make too many cock-ups on stage (The Sun).

Arctic Monkeys won’t be attending the forthcoming Brit Awards (Daily Mirror).

Amy Winehouse spent £200 on Caribbean food for her and her studio mates when she headed to a central London studio to record new tracks to “get in the vibe”. She ordered nearly everything on the menu of the Mr Jerks restaurant (Daily Mirror).

One time S Club 7 clubber Rachel Stevens was spotted in London’s Washington pub, in Belsize Park (Daily Star).

E-mailed in from NME.COM users:

MK Dons striker and former QPR legend Kevin Gallen went to see Morrissey at London’s Roundhouse venue (from Peter).

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