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Bez back in court, John Lydon farting on a plane – your music gossip stop

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Today’s top gossip:

Cover your ears, The X Factor oddball Wagner is reportedly set to sing Radiohead‘s ‘Creep’ this Saturday (November 27). The singer is stepping up to perform the song after bookies slashed the odds on him winning the show from 100-1 to 10-1 (The Sun).


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From the papers:

Happy Mondays maraca shaker Bez is in hot water again, we read. He is due in court today (24) after being arrested at London‘s Euston station yesterday for breaching a restraining order by contacting his ex-girlfriend Monica Ward (Various).

John Lydon and Jamiroquai‘s Jay Kay had a disagreement on a flight to Australia recently – after the Sex Pistols singer kept farting on the plane. “He is a fucking nuisance,” Jay Kay said of Lydon‘s guffing antics. “I was seated next to him on a flight and the whole trip he just kept farting. It was totally foul. He kept saying, ‘Oh that wasn’t me’ or ‘The meal smells a bit off don’t you think?’ He drove me insane” (The Sun).

Courtney Love has followed up her bizarre naked Twitter antics by sending out an SOS to Keith Richards‘ son Marlon. If the tabloids are to be believed, the Hole singer has sent him a desperate request seeking an “addictions” doctor in Dorset. “It’s an emergency I only have the house for a week,” she pleaded. “Hurry Marlon I need to pack for the UK now. I have a PA and minder, need nurses and doctor to kick some nasty shit” (Daily Mirror).

Lady Gaga‘s flesh has been in the red-tops once more – this time with photos from a recent gig in Prague. The singer turned up onstage wearing a nun’s hat and see-through dress with plasters covering her breasts. She also paid homage to Michael Jackson by sporting a sparkly silver glove (Daily Record).


And finally, Girls Aloud singer Kimberley Walsh is getting down with the kids by appearing in new 3D movie Horrid Henry alongside The Mighty Boosh‘s Noel Fielding. According to reports, she is set to play a character called Prissy Polly (The Sun).

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