The Daily Ligger: Amy Winehouse wanted by Jay-Z

Your music gossip stop: Take That ignore Eurovision, P Diddy goes scent-crazy

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Today’s top gossip:

Jay-Z wants to work with Amy Winehouse again, after rapping on a remix of ’Rehab’. The rapper said: “I’d love to work with her again. I hope she keeps herself together. Her voice is incredible. I’m drawn to voices.” (The Sun)

From the papers:

Will Young has been accused by Radio 1’s Scott Mills of ignoring his youngest fans. Young made an appearance at the Bitterne Park school for performing arts – but, according to Mills refused to meet any of the children and banned any cameras.

Mills said: “A lot of the children had been really looking forward to it, but they went home disappointed. Some of them were even crying.

Will used to be such a nice bloke. I don’t know who he’s been hanging out with but now he’s just a c***.” (The Daily Mirror).

Take That have refused to appear on the Eurovision Song Contest. The band feel that it would “damage their image”.

“Maybe there’s a chance we could pull it off,” said Gary Barlow, “but think of the stick we would get!” (The Daily Mirror).

P Diddy’s Unforgiveable aftershave is going head-to-head with Mariah Carey’s M fragrance for biggest seller this year. He said: “We create seduction, sexuality, sex…yes sex still sells. This is a challenge and we are going to win!” (The Daily Mirror).

Mum of Stereophonics frontman Kelly Jones Beryl missed out on his homecoming gig in Cwmaman in south Wales because she was cleaning up for him at home. Jones said he made up for it, by going out drinking with his mum and pals until 3am (The Sun).

Destiny’s Child are considering a reunion, according to Kelly Rowland. “This current spate of reunions has given us ideas. Despite what people say we are all still really close. A couple of weeks ago Beyonce did a show in LA and asked me and Michelle (Williams) to join her on stage for ’Survivor’. The emotion was incredible and it felt so good to be back up there with the girls again.” (The Daily Star).

Rihanna was spotted sipping mineral water at Amika nightclub on Kensington High Street (The Daily Mirror).

NME.COM spots:

The Reverend, complete with new ‘Travis Bickle’ hairdo, jumping up and down when Diamond Hoo Ha Men (aka Supergrass) played ‘Caught By The Fuzz’ but then got embarrassed when the DJ played ‘Heavyweight Champion Of The World’. (Ryan)

The Magic Numbers eating pizza in a dirty kebab shop in King’s Cross in London. (Brian)

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