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Today’s top gossip:

Hard-hitting music news from the red-tops today: Amy Winehouse has befriended a monkey. The singer, who is currently on holiday in Barbados, is apparently besotted with the creature after it randomly came up to her and she fed it. A well-placed source explained that the monkey has been following her around for the past week, and revealed: “She’s been telling friends how much she loves it and would love to bring it back with her” (The Sun).

From the papers:

One we regrettably read while eating breakfast: Professor Green says he’s going to be having Christmas dinner through a straw because he’s having all his teeth replaced over the festive period. “My teeth made me look fucked up so last year I had them all taken out and a bridge put in,” he said. “I’m now going to get individual teeth” (The Sun).

Lots of pictures of Katy Perry and Justin Bieber cuddling up together at the American Music Awards this morning. Meanwhile, Ke$ha wore her hair in the same style as La Roux‘s Elly Jackson at the event and wore a cap made entirely of Lego (various).

Robbie Williams wins the prize for grubbiest singer of the week – he wore the same stripey jumper last Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, eagle-eyed fashion critics in the papers have observed (Daily Mirror).

Duffy has apparently said she’s treating Kid Rock‘s recent admission that he wanted to “impregnate” her as a “threat”. We would too, to be honest (Daily Record).

HurtsTheo Hutchcraft‘s flirtation with The X Factor continues to be covered in the papers – the singer says Louis Walsh knows talent when he sees it, and has asked the band to donate “spare songs” for the show’s finalists (The Sun).

And finally, The KooksLuke Pritchard promises that the band’s new album will be a mega-departure from their past material, with “loops of cool beats”. Tantalising stuff (Daily Record).

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